Consulting services | Marco Tamagnone
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Consulting services

Consulting services for food and beverage businesses

Start-up assistance for new bars and restaurants

Local market analysis, food cost analysis, supplier research, design and layout advice for kitchens and dining rooms; menu planning, help with recruitment and candidate screening, on-hand support in the opening days to ensure a smooth launch.

Trouble-shooting for existing businesses. It is often difficult to understand why a business isn’t turning a profit. I can conduct a review to identify problems and suggest strategies for resolving them.

A restaurant/bar in central Milan wasn’t as profitable as it could be. The owner asked me to assess the food service to understand what wasn’t working. I identified that breakfast was an area for improvement and growth. We changed the way breakfast was served, the suppliers, added new menu options and started a promotional campaign.
In 2014, the owners of many successful e consolidated restaurants like “KOMBU take away sushi”, called me and asked me to take care of the inauguration and opening of a new restaurant, the Boka kitchen & drinks lab.
I took care of the realization, implantation and refurbishing of the kitchen, the dining cutlery and the staff selection. Also i found all the suppliers for food and wine, putting down the menu and the wines list. In the end i assisted chef and owner during the startup of the venue.